New Items in the Archives

As of today, four new items are available in the Archives:

1) Issue 7 of The Coming Age (1978)
2) Issue 9 of The Coming Age (1978)
3) The original booklet of The Creation and The Crystal Tablet issued by Lux Madriana (1976)
4) The expanded second edition of The Catechism of the Children of the Goddess issued by Lux Madriana (1977)

The addition of these scans marks a significant milestone, as the archives now contain every original Madrian work known to me to have survived to the present. Other Madrian writings are known, from references and quotations, to have circulated at various times, and thus it may be (and one certainly hopes that it is) that other Madrian writings have survived and are simply undiscovered. If our Lady wills it, more of these may eventually come to light. Everything that I know to be extant, however, is now gathered here.

There remain also some secondary sources about Lux Madriana (magazine articles, radio interviews, etc.) which I know exist, or have good cause to believe still exist, in the archives of various media production companies and the like. I am continuing to work on obtaining copies of these.

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