Announcing the Society for Filianic Studies

Dear Reader,

When I began compiling the first edition of the Eastminster Critical Edition of the Clear Recital in October of 2016, it was a one-maid operation. Though I was privileged to stand on the shoulders of others who had worked with the texts and with broader questions of the history and thealogy of the Filianic religion, I worked entirely from publicly available resources that had already been made accessible online. The ECE is now in its third edition, with a fourth under intensive development, and the work is no longer so lonely. Many, many kind, generous, and diligent colleagues on three continents have contributed and are contributing to the process—as researchers, proofreaders, graphics editors, eBook editors, audiobook readers, translators, and in other capacities besides. Thanks to them, a tremendous archive of original Madrian materials has been assembled and digitized, our knowledge of the history and intellectual heritage of the religion has expanded severalfold, and the ECE has gained in accuracy and completeness even as it has diversified into new formats and soon, Dea volente, new languages.

In recognition of these efforts, and in a desire to open scope to new initiatives for which all this work has paved a way, I have decided to open invitations to a Society for Filianic Studies as an informal and ecumenical consortium of scholars and devotees interested in advancing our understanding of Madrian-Filianic history and thought and making that knowledge accessible to new audiences, both academic and devotional. There are no membership fees and no formal obligations,* but any who would like to declare themselves for the Society’s aims and/or be publicly recognized for their work are welcome to submit their names for inscription, with the option of having a bio on the website.

This ritual year is the year of Sai Mati, granting it the patronage of the Janya who presides over all learning, knowledge, and Intellect. In addition, the Filianic New Year fell on a new moon, prompting Mr. David Kay to predict that this year would see the legacy of Madrian thought emerge from obscurity and come to greater prominence in the public sphere. The ritual year is only three months in, but I feel that this prediction is already well on its way to being borne out, if only in a small way.

As the Sun approaches its greatest height, may Sai Mati bless this Society, its efforts, and its members, that their work may shine a light upon the Faith and upon the world.

*A maid of suitable Haiela background willing to undertake the obligation of serving as the Society’s honorary chair would, however, be greatly appreciated for her volunteerism.

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