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Archive of the old Wordpress blog Apron Strings.
A Zip archive containing the files and message logs from six Yahoo groups related to Filianism:

1) Aristasian Spirituality

An Aristasian discussion group focusing on religion and spirituality, active 2004-2006. A very valuable primary resource…

An article describing the lifestyle and philosophy of the "Romantics" in the late 1980s.

Madria Olga's instructions for common daily devotional practice.

Madria Olga's handwritten instructions for performance of the Rosary, including the text of the Silver Star and Eternity prayers.

Madria Olga's handwritten calendar, containing descriptions of the feasts and fasts along with seasonal meditations. Includes three pages of instructions for creating one's own annual calendar.

Second edition of the Catechism of Lux Madriana, expanded with illustrations and additional prayers.

Original booklet publication of the Creation and the Crystal Tablet by Lux Madriana, with introduction.

A New Poem by Sappho?; Spirits of Nature; Work in Progress; The Three Lives; Who is Moira?; A Question of Balance; The Coming Season (Summer); The Breach in the World-Wall [story]; Sappho Speaks; Being Human; Discovering the Goddess; Symbolism: The…

A Nativity Carol; The Temple of Hestia; Work in Progress; Walking with Our Lady; Discovering the Goddess; Work and the Myth of Progress; Hestiad Blessing; She Who Is Coming; The Coming Season (Winter); The Legend of Carminta; Nativity; The Three…
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